What is Zorbz?

ZORBZ is a system that retains the multi-hit capability of current helmet designs while supplementing their ability to absorb impacts by adding individual energy-absorption modules in strategic locations on the helmet. ZORBZ modules are also designed to function as a visible indicator that a player has sustained a “significant” impact.

The Concept behind ZORBZ

Although modern football helmets have proven to be effective in preventing catastrophic brain injuries, they can be improved with regard to preventing non-catastrophic impact related injuries. ZORBZ is a novel concept that can supplement existing helmet designs by adding an additional layer of energy-absorption to the “system”.

In this case, the system consists of everything involved in an impact event. This includes the helmet, ground, other player’s helmet and/or pads, body, ect. While the various impacts involved with football are too complex to cover with a single optimized solution, we believe that a fundamental increase in energy-absorption during a collision is a step in the right direction to minimizing injuries.

Although it’s understood that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, a mechanism that can convert as much of the energy of an impact into less damaging heat and/or strain energy, would likely yield beneficial results as it relates to injury reduction.